There is quite a bit of information available on the internet about modular and sectional model railroading.  Much of the information, especially about lightweight modules, is English.  Hobbyists in Great Britain (and New Zealand, Austrailia) use slightly different terms.  Below is a partial list of US terms and their British equivalent that should be helpful in google searches.

United States – British

Benchwork – Baseboard

Box Car or Reefer – Van

Caboose – Brake Van

Flat Car or Gondola – Wagon

Engineer – Driver

Freight – Goods

Railroad – Railway 

Switch – Points

Switching – Shunting

Ties – Sleeper

Truck – Bogie

Homasote – Sundeala

Particle Board – Weyroc

OSB or chip board – Beaverboard or Aspenlite

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