The Central New York Modelers (CNYMOD) modules are built to a modified HO NMRA 2 track standard.  The modules are wood framed, have an elevated subroadbed and are surfaced with extruded-foam insulation.  CNYMOD modules use code 83 track, have extra depth in front to allow more foreground scenery and are 51 inches high.

Of particular interest to the module builder, the website has a photo gallery of modules and setups from past shows.  The Amhearst 2005 setup has some photos of the module framing and the modules being setup.  The “About Us” section has some additional details, including the use of extruded polystyrene foam for scenery.

The layout in general and the individual modules are heavily sceniced.  They lack the feeling of sparseness that comes from having an inadequate quantity of buildings, trees and scenic material to fill the available space.

The May 2007 issue of Model Railroader magazine has a 4 page article titled, “Home and away modules” on pages 46-49.  Lou Sassi writes about the Central New York Modellers  HO modular railroad.  The article has a history of the club, the permanent and travelling layouts, several layout photos and drawings.  The article also includes a section titled, “How CNYMOD builds it modules”.  CYNMOD’s “News” seciton mentions Lou Sassi began the article 2 1/2 years before it was finally published.

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