Horst Meier’s Sherman Hill layout is an excellent example of a creating a large, busy railroad in a small sectional space.  The layout is complete and exceptionally well done.  The photo backdrops are in the correct perspective and the backdrop and layout secenery colors match well as shown in Photo1 and Photo2.

The layout is bent or in a shallow “V” shape,  and double sided.  The “back” is a staging yard to allow continuous running of the double track mainline in the front.  The “V” shape gives the perspective of a larger layout and allows the trains to come around the corner three times on the front side.

The most unique aspect is the double track mainline are two separate systems.  The outside track is DC and the inside track is Marklin’s AC center contact system. 

Page 56 of the August 2007 issue of MRR has a 6 page article written by Horst Meier about his Sherman Hill, Wyo. sectional layout.  The layout is 9 by 27 feet and is built in 6 sections.  There are no photos of the construction of the layout.  There is a photo of the module interface and guide pins used for alignment.  The article states the track height is 51 inches and the sections are of a plywood box type construction.

The Sherman Hill layout will be shown at the U.S. Model Railroad Convention in Germany on October 6-7, 2007 near Frankfurt, Germany.  The website also has numerous photos of the U.S. prototype layouts and dioramas that will be shown at the convention.  

 Horst Meier has also written several german-language books on model railroading.  “Modellbahn Ladeguter” was published in 1999 and is on creating freight car loads.  “Modellbahn in Perfektion” is number 6 in the MIBA series and looks at three european prototype model railways and includes numerous modeling tips.  The 2004 book, “Traum-Modellbahnen” is about modeling German trams or street cars.  “Das USA-Modellbahnbuch” was published in 2005 and is about modelling U.S. prototype railroads.  All are german language books and are available at Amazon.de

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