The Silver Creek Reconstruction is a thread on by user SimonC documenting the construction and finishing of his On30 Silver Creek layout in 29 days.  The layout is 18 ft. 3 in. by 7 ft. 3 in and built if layers of extruded foam edge with lightweight plywood and “Bendy MDF“.  The roadbed is made of cork over luaun plywood glued to the foam.  The layout uses tortise switch machines that are attached to the plywood roadbed for each of the switches and then recessed into the foam.

 The thead has extensive photos and a written explanation of construction of each phase of the layout, including the impressive rockwork and various tools and helpful tips.  Reading the entire thread is highly recommended.  It is an excellent resource on building lightweigh modules and scenery out of extruded foam.

 SimonC also has another related thread on Blue Foam and gluing.  It shows details of cutting the Tortise switch machine recesses, gluing and contouring foam for scenery.  There is also extensive discussion about various glues and gluing technics that are compatible with extruded foam.

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