The Four County Society of Model Engineers (““)modular club was started in 1975 and is located in Central Maryland.  FCSME uses module specification that is “backward” compatible with the NMRA standards.  The FCSME module standards are available on CD for $10.  The FCSME website also features extensive photo galleries of past shows and layouts.

Of special interest to module builders is FCSME’s Module Tour and Online Clinics.  The Module Tour has photos of over two dozen modules of the fifty or so FCSME modules.  Many of the modules also have links to the member builder and/or techniques in the Online Clinics.

 The Online Clinics include “Basic Scenery”, “Art of SuperTrees” “Building a Waterfall” and “Project Lauan“, detailing the construction of lightweight modules using lauan plywood and extruded foam.

 FCSME has also recieved several award and been featured in several articles, including a photo in the 75th Anniversary HO Walthers catalog and the 2005 Great Model Railroads.  Most recently, FCSME was featured in a 10 page article on page 48 of the October 2007 Railroad Model Craftsman.

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