YouTube has a nice series of 9 videos by Evert or “thebige61″ on making scenery using extruded foam (pink or blue).  The videos are very thorough and well done.  They cover everything from tool selection to completion of the scenery with dirt and grass.  Highly recommended.

Video 1 – Overview & Tools

Video 2 – Carving: Part 1

Video 3 – Carving: Part 2

Video 4 – Carving: Part 3

Video 5 – Carving: Part 4

Video 6 – Carving: Part 5

Video 7 – Spackeling & Paint

Video 8 – Adding Dirt & Grass: Part 1

Video 9 -Adding Dirt & Grass: Part 2

Evert also has a website,  Evert’s Model Railroad Page, that has additional information detailed on his HO and N scale layout.  The site has sections on backdrop, track, bridges and lighting.  The section titled “Monthly Construction Progress” has links to hundreds of photos showing construction and progression of the benchwork, road bed and foam scenery.

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