The Eagle Rock Railroad Historical Society (“ERRHS”) in Idaho Falls Idaho held their annual Railshow 2007 on October 13-14, 2007.  The Great Basin Lego Train Club, the Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers and the Hostlers displayed operating layouts, along with the Eagle Rock’s permanent club layout in the basement.

Hostlers Model Railroad Club (“HMRRC”) from Ogden, Utah had their HO modular layout on display.  The Hostlers run NMRA compliant modules with 3 lines.  The outer line is DC and the two inner lines are DCC.

Hostlers wide radius corner modulesHostlers wide radius corner modules.

Side view of Hostlers wide radius corner modulesSideview of Hostlers wide radius corner modules.

Hostlers member modulesHostler’s member modules, long side.

Matt S’s Park City ModulesMatt S’s Park City modules

Matt S. Park City ModulesMatt S’s Park City modules

Matt S’s Park City modulesMatt S’s Park City modules

Mike M’s corner modulesMike M’s corner module set.

John O’s Industry modulesJohn O’s industry modules.

Lee W’s industry moduleLee W’s Industry module.

 Hostlers Yard modulesHostler’s Yard modules.

 Dan H’s large scale trainsDan H’s large scale trains.

Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers (“RMHR”) from Boise, Idaho had their sectional S gauge American Flyer layout.

 Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers “Air Field” sectionRocky Mountain Hi-Railers “Air Field” section.

 Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers City 1Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers City 1 photo

Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers “Roundhouse” sectionRocky Mountain Hi-Railers “Roundhouse” section.

 Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers City 2 photoRocky Mountain Hi-Railers City 2 photo

 Rocky Mountain Hi-Railers City 3 photoRocky Mountain Hi-Railers City 3 photo.

The Great Basin Lego Train Club (“GBLT&C”) had their Lego trains set up and running.

Great Basin Lego Trains Club layoutGreat Basin Lego Trains Club layout.

Great Basin Lego Train Club yard section Great Basin Lego Trains Club yard section.

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