“Dominoes” are typically 2 x 4 foot sections or modules of “open grid” benchwork that bolt together to make a railroad layout.  The use of dominoes has been credited to and popularized by David Barrow on his Cat Mountain and Santa Fe.

 There are several nice forum threads and photo albums detailing the layout construction using domino type construction:

Domino Makers

Martin & Johnson Mfg of Freemont, CA manufacture and “Domino Benchwork” that is available with fiberboard or extruded foam tops in 2×4 foot modules.  A 2×4 ft domino with 1 inch foam top is $83.60 each plus shipping as of Dec. 2007. 

Mianne offers customizable sectional benchwork for model railroads.  On the Parts page, they sell a 24×48 straight section for $80 plus shipping as of Oct. 2007. Legs are extra.

Sievers is a retail manufacturer of benchwork for model railroders.  The Order page has a 24×48 section for $46.75 as of Oct. 2007.  Shipping and legs are extra.

CADenza offers “Deluxe Layout Cubes” that are based on 2×4 ft modules.  CADenza also offers Tees, corners and transitions to make a complete layout.  There are photos of the module frames and sceniced layouts using cubes.

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