NMRA 4th Div, Pacific Northwest Region HO Module SIG has a photo album of its recent setups.  Of great interest to module builders are the two pages of recommendations and procedures on making setups at shows a better experience for both the public and the club.

The first page is titled, “Procedures and Reliability” and links to “during show” topics including:

  • Set Up & Take Down – PNR HO Module SIG group’s detailed setup and teardown checklists.
  • DCC Set Up – A basic how-to on setting up DCC to work with modules.
  • DCC Issues – Troubleshooting DCC issues on modules.
  • Reliability -A brief overview of module issues, flagging and troubleshooting.
  • Operations – How members of the PNR HO Mod SIG realistically operate on NMRA type modules, including radio use and switchlists.

The page, “Module Construction” is obviously more focused on pre-show preparations and post-show repairs:

  • Module Specifications – Nice page covering the standards and construction of NMRA type modules.  
  • Plexiglas Details – Pages focuses on preventing damage and breakage of plexi at public shows.
  • Electrical Specifications – A good detailed page on wiring modules to the NMRA standard.  Also covers signal and 12 volt bus wiring.  Note: PNR uses Molex electrical connectors instead of the more standard CJs or Powerpoles.
  • Turnout Tips – This page is a very detailed checklist for turnout troubleshooting and is a must have resource.
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