This month’s feature is the Pocatello Model Railroad & Historical Society’s large NMRA HO modular layout located on the Union Pacific Railroad’s premises in Pocatello, Idaho.  The club’s history details various moves that have been possible because of the modular layout.

Club Name: Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society, a 501c3 non-profit.

Famous for:  Replica of the Oregon Shortline Roundhouse with 53 stalls set at 6 degree intervals around a 100 foot long turntable.
     Walk thru module published in Model Railroader magazine.  Website has details for the prototype Lift-Bridge Module or an alternative Swinging Door Module.

Address: Union Pacific uilding B-59 SouthWest, near intersection of Main and Bonneville, Pocatello, Idaho, USA


Photo Album: Yes, both of modular layout and historic Pocatello.

Scale: Main modular layout HO.  N scale built-in layout is mostly done.  Building a G, O & S scale demonstration layout.

Standard: NMRA HO – 2 mainline.

Size of Layout: 65 HO modules occupying ~75% of a 6000 sq. ft. room.  Room, module and track details are shown on this webpage diagram.

Setup Status: Permanently setup in UP building as a historical society.  Modular so layout can be moved and rearranged to new location if necessary.

Power & Control: 100% DCC as of Feb 2008.  More DCC transition details available on the Control & Power page.

Open to the Public: Open to the public every 3rd Saturday of the month. 10 AM until 2 PM.  Open every Saturday after Thanksgiving in November and ending the Saturday before Christmas Eve 10 AM until 2 PM.  There is no admission charge but PMRHS will gratefully accept donations.

Photo Gallery: The following are photos of the PMRHS modular HO layout:

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