The following is a collection of links and how-to articles that may be useful when building sectional, modular or portable layouts:

DCC University and Realistic Scenery clinics from Joe Fugate’s forums

Schedule of Model Railroad Shows – Little Toy Trains

Ten Commandments of Model Railroad Yard Design – Houstonic RR

Make Your Own Homasote Roadbed – Houstonic RR

Backdrop Painting with Artists Oils – Houstonic RR

Making Your Own Turntable? – Houstonic RR

Rolling Your Own Wood I-Beams – Houstonic RR

Skirting Hangers – Free-mo SLO

Module Curve Tool Jig – Free-mo SLO

Fixing Ends that are not Square – Free-mo SLO

Internal Joint Pegs – Free-mo SLO

NMRA Standards Gauge – StARR

Adhesives & their uses – StARR

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