Fremo is a European standard for single track modular railroading.  The meets are usually a private meeting for Fremo members and generally exclude the general public.  Fremo members pay the exhibition hall costs to exhibit and run their modules.

The most recently found Fremo photo galleries are listed first:

 Sfra photo albumGMO-Frisco photo album and GMO-Frisco YouTube video from the Fremo HO-USA Southwest Division Weekend in Mutschelbach, Germany on May 21-24, 2009

Harald Brosch has two photo galleries from the May 2009 Fremo convention in Perleberg Germany, May 22 photos and the May 23 photos.

Harald Brosch’s has two new photo albums  Ths first is of the Jan. 2008 Fremo meet, Braunschweig, Germany, with additional photos by Thomas and Joerg.  The second is the Feb. 2008 Fremo meet in Hamburg, Germany, with additional photos by Thorsten.

Klaus Rilling has photo albums of the Oct. 2007 Fremo in Prague and the Frankfurt 2007 Fremo meet. Klaus’ site is in German only.

There are photos of the October 2007 meet in Rendsburg, Germany with photos by a German Fremo participant and a more photos by a Norwegian Fremo participant.

Wolfgang Dudler’s photos of the 2007 HO Fremo-USA in Rodgau, Germany.  The gallery starts with layout photos and modules racked in a car.  There are many nice photos of interesting modules.  The site is in English and German.

W. Dudler also has a German only site featuring the modules of the Fremo HO-USA Unna Division modules.  While the modules are German, they depict North American or USA prototypes and scenery.

Bjorn R. Larsen has a gallery of the Fremo 25th Anniversary gathering in Alsfeld, Norway, October 2006. Wolfgang Nickel has another Alsfeld Fremo-USA photo gallery.

 Petersfehn Fremo 2007 – a meet near Bremen, Germany, July 2007 – site in German

 Unna Fremo-USA 2007 – a USA prototype meet, Unna Germany, June 2007 – site in German

Reinhard Mueller’s European Fremo Layouts PowerPoint – in English for the 2004 Seattle NMRA convention.  Note this is a LARGE 8mb MS PowerPoint file.

Rhein Fremo-HO-USA April 2007 –  US prototype Fremo modules – site in German

Tapiola Parish Model Railway Expo 2006 – a Finnish site with an English translation

 2006 Fremo HO-USA modules from Fremo Annual Convention – site in German photo galleries page from a German module building site with a multitude of links going back to 2001.

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