GrimstadLine – is a English language blog covering the Norwegian Grimstad Frolands Banen (“GFB”) prototype with Fremo modules.  Modules have a very high standard of scenery.

FREMO-Italia – is a Italian language weblog covering Fremo module construction, and from the pictures, some North American models.

West Texas Joe Ramblings – a T-trak moduler weblog!

White River Southern – a sectional layout depicting a small New England area branchline.

Berrett Hill Trains – Covers the construction of Kevin Hunter’s 1 foot wide On30 sectional layout.

Eisenbahnstudio – “Railroad Modeling in Proto:87″ and the author is building a set of four (4) FREMO:87 modules

Motorized Dandruff – Bills itself as “The worlds first (and so far ) only NZ 120 blog”, and covers the NZ120 scale and module scene in New Zealand.

Ed’s Model Railroad Diary – Lots of info on Ed Harrison’s Free-moN Modules, including a staging module, leg brackets and corner module construction.

Confessions of a Model Train Geek – Musings on model trains, layouts, design and construction.

Bayside and Tidewater – Has information on module building, including the “module in a week” post.

Peter’s and Hope’s – Has a nice entry, in both German and English, on the family’s construction of several Bend Track modules.

the UMG – an informal group of model railroaders from the Canadian Maritimes based on Free-mo.

Ida-HO Model Railroaders – Located in Kuna, Idaho, USA, this blog covering HO NMRA style modules was last updated in 2006.

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  1. […] my humble eisenbahnstudio blog in their articles In search of the Ultimate module and Module Weblogs. I thought, I’d thank the guys from, reciprocate the link and […]

  2. You website is a nice resource for modular model railroaders. Thanks for the mention!


  3. Johannes,

    Thanks for stopping by. Nice job on the modules!

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