First off,  Ulf stopped by and indicated all this information may now be found at his website.   The following article has been updated with this new information.

 “My first module” details the construction of a European Fremo standard straight module that uses Marklin “C” track.  The scenery is made of foam and plaster coated gauze and includes a bridge over a dry wash.  ulf999’s thread starts with photos of the module parts goes on to module construction, terraforming the foam an gauze and concludes with scenicing and trains running on the modules.

“Golden Valley I” is a set of four modules that represents the “Golden Valley” and includes a cannery, water tank and engine house.  Golden Valley page 2 shows that 3 modules can be set up either as a 16 degree curve or a 90 degree curve.  Note the roads and track line up in either the 16 deg. or 90 deg. configurations!

“Two 16 degree curves” shows the construction of a pair of Fremo curved modules from wood frame work to scenery and trees.  All the threads have extensive written details and an abundance of high quality photographs.

 “Flexible 180 curve” shows four modules making up a 180 degree curve.  Parts of the curved track is hidden inside the tunnel.  Trains are easily accessed through the tunnel module’s removable tops.

  Ulf’s GVR website also has nice sections on his first layout and various structures.  Reviewing the White Rock Freight House is recommended is a recommended diversion from module hunting.

This same information was previously only available under the screen name  of ulf999 in various threads on the “the Gauge” Modular Layout Forum.

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  1. These topics are now compiled here:


  2. Ulf,

    Thanks for stopping by and updating me on the Golden Valley Route website. Your information on module buiding was very thorough and shows a high standard of craftsmanship. It is a big help to have that kind of information available.

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