Cardstock models are ideal for quickly populating a new layout or module, or building low relief buildings for background and backdrop applications.

 Illinois Historic Preservation Society – has over a dozen free historic buildings that may be printed and assembled.  A must see resource.

The following are commercial, paid products, but all offer some free downloads.

ScaleScenes –  “download and print realistic model railway kits from your PC now!”

CleverModels – “craftsman card models and high resolution texture sheets”

PaperCreek – sells laser cut paper craftsman kits for structures and textures.

ModelBuilder – “”Use our building software to inexpensively add hundreds of paper buildings to your layout. Print realistic buildings or backdrops for your model train layout.” USD: $45, OS: WinXP.

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3 Responses to “Cardstock Structures”
  1. We just put up a new free model on our site. not a structure but still a lot of fun. Go to our blog and download our Monson snow plow kit.

  2. We just put up another free model for January 2010. It’s a great little flag stop I’m sure you will enjoy building.
    the model is free and you can distribute it as long as you pass on the credit to Clever models. we ask those who can and would like to support our continued efforts to click the donate button and make a $1. donation to support our efforts to create and distribute kits.
    Thanks for your support.
    Clever models

  3. A Clever models update.
    You will notice if you visit our site that there have been some pretty big changes. Now in addition to our DVD collections we are offering individual models and textures for instant download.
    There’s also a nifty free scale house in the freebies area.

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