Free-mo is a similar to Fremo, but a different North American standard for single track modular railroading. Free-mo meets generally part of a larger exhibition with other scales and open to the public for viewing.

The most recently found Free-mo photo galleries are listed first:

Three photo galleries of the August 1-2, 2009 regional Free-mo setup at the San Bernadino, Calif. depot by Brian Kreimendahl, Rob Forrstrom, and Dan Risdon.

Brian Kreimendahl’s and Perry Lambert’s photo galleries of the April 2009 Free-me photos from Winslow, AZ are no online.

Photos of the March 2008 RITMRC, Free-mo setup on the RITMRC website, with more photos by “Kruppinator”.

Bob Schrempp’s pics of the March 2008 Free-mo SLOBarn setup at Arroyo Grande, CA and  September 2007 Free-mo setup in Aptos, California.

 Mark N. Goedert’s photos of the Free-mo modules and the Sipping & Switching Society modules at the 2007 NMRA National Train Show in Detroit, Michigan.

Brian Kreimendahl’s galleries of the 2007 Winslow Southwest Free-mo setup and the 2006 Winslow Southwest Free-mo setup.

Don Douglas’ photos of the December 2006 Ottawa Valley HOtrak setup.

North Georgia Modurail “NGM” Photo Album of modules, shows and module construction.

The Rochester Institute of Technology Model Railroad Club’s photo galleries, including the 2006 Syracuse and Tiger Tracks shows and the Railroad Model Craftsman test photo shoot pages.

Bob Schremp’s photos of the Free-moSLO Santa Maria Valley 2006 setup .

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