Layout design software or CAD is helpful in designing and building layouts, modular setups and shelf layouts.  The products range from manufacturer specific 2D layout templates, to 3D CAD programs that can simulate operations and building design.

3rd Plan It – “Built on a strong, innovative set of design tools, the new 3D terrain and landscape features let you really visualize your layout like never before.” Download – USD: $125 or Printed Docs & CD – USD: $170.  OS: WinXP

AnyRail – “is probably the easiest-to-use model railway design tool around. It’s also entirely independent, so you can build with almost any track. Enjoy designing your layout – AnyRail ensures everything fits.” – USD: $55.  OS: WinXP

Sandia Software CADrail – “The original railroad CAD program. Cadrail has all the extra features that will satisfy advanced users.” Download – USD: $60 or Printed Docs & CD – USD $100 + shipping.  OS: WinXP

Empire Express – “harnesses the ease of use and power of the Macintosh so you can quickly, easily, and accurately design your model railroad empire.”  Download only – USD: $35.  OS Mac OS X.

RailModeller – “Create model railroad and slot car layouts on your Mac!” USD: $39, OS: Mac OS X.

Atlas RightTrack – is free software for designing model railroads using various scales of Atlas brand track.  Free.  OS: WinXP

RR-Track – is 2D sectional track planning software for PCs.  USD: $69-139 + $7 shipping.  $9 for each additional manufacturer’s scale of sectional track.  OS: WinXP

Templot – “is a computer program which generates and prints out model railway track construction templates for turnouts, crossovers, diamond-crossings and plain track lengths.” USD: $75.  OS: WinXP

WinRail – is 3D layout design software for your PC.  Download – GBP: £60 or CD GBP: £60 + shipping.  OS: WinXP

Sillub Tech. XTrkCad – “is a CAD program for designing Model Railroad layouts, and supports any scale, has libraries of popular brands of turnouts and sectional track” Open Source with free registration.  OS: WinXP & Linux.


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  1. I see that Atlas RTS is no longer available for download from their website.

    Do you know if this software is available anywhere else?


  2. Dan, Sorry, I don’t know where to download RTS. Google doesn’t show any downloads in the first couple of pages.

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