is again online, featuring exquisitely made modules for building a sectional layout.  The site is worth looking at just for the artistry of the construction techniques.  This is the place to go for bridge modules or sectional layout benchwork to fit a specific space.  Pricing is appears commensurate with the high quality of materials and the complexity of the construction techniques.

 Harold Brosch is the official supplier for the European Fremo standard.  There are a large number of Fremo standard profiles, which Brosch has laser cut.  His online store, eisenbahn-modulbau is currently in german only.  Brosch sells a 100 cm long straight module with Fremo-USA profile ends for 52.00 Euros as of Oct 2007.  Shipping and customs to the USA are additional and significant.

Berret Hill Trains builds custom benchwork, layouts and modules to any standard.  The website advertises custom benchwork can be as low as $12-15 per square foot.  At the $15/sq. ft. rate, a 2×4 foot module would be about $120 plus shipping.

Iron Road Hobbies builds both Free-mo and NMRA standard module kits and assembled modules.  A 2×4 ft NMRA module kit is about $145, including shipping to USA lower 48, as of Oct. 2007

Scalecraft Baseboards offers a variety of module sizes, from 1×2 foot to 4×6 foot, both with and without legs.  The 612LA is a 2×4 foot module with adjustable legs for £70 with “mainland only” delivery an additional £10 as of March 2008.

Reality Reduced offers a 2×4 foot Ntrak or NMRA module complete with legs called the POFF (“Plain Old Four Footer”).  The POFF is availabe through Feather River Trains for $299 plus shipping or from ebay for $275, including shipping to the lower USA 48 as of Jan. 2008.  Additional information is available in the pdf assembly instructions .

 Station Road Baseboards is “currently developing a modular model railway baseboard system” and as of March 2008 offer some module hardware available for purchase.

Sectional Benchwork

Martin & Johnson Mfg of Freemont, CA manufacture and “Domino Benchwork” that is available with fiberboard or extruded foam tops in 2×4 foot modules.  A 2×4 ft domino with 1 inch foam top is $83.60 each plus shipping as of Dec. 2007. 

Mianne offers customizable sectional benchwork for model railroads.  On the Parts page, they sell a 24×48 straight section for $80 plus shipping as of Oct. 2007. Legs are extra.

Sievers is a retail manufacturer of benchwork for model railroders.  The Order page has a 24×48 section for $46.75 as of Oct. 2007.  Shipping and legs are extra.

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